👋 Hi, I’m Mike

I’m a self-taught software developer living in the Seattle area with my wife and child.

Outside of software development, I’m a musician and writer. One of my top near-term goals is to write and publish more frequently and fearlessly.

I primarily write about career advice for early-career web developers, hoping to share about myself and my career philosophy in an authentic way. My goal for this website is to teach others what I know, refine my thinking, and overcome my crippling perfectionism.

Things I’m working on

Podcasts and interviews I’ve done

Where I’ve worked


2020 — Present

CTO and Co-founder


2018 — 2020

Senior Software Engineer

Engineering Manager


2017 — 2018

Software Engineer


2016 — 2017

Creative Engineer


2014 — 2016

UX Engineer


2013 — 2014

Front-end Software Developer


2012 — 2013

Software Engineer

Language International

2011 — 2012

Software Engineer Intern

Software Engineer